Theme: Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour (GIST)
Date:  10 March, 2021 (Wed), 19:00-20:40 HKT

Topic 1: The Advances in the Management of Later-line GIST-implications and applications of New Target Therapy
Presenter: Prof. Sebastian Bauer, Director of Sarcoma Center, Department of Medical Oncology, West German Cancer Center, Germany

Imatinib has been a breakthrough for the treatment of KIT-mutant and some PDGFRA-mutant GIST. Durable responses are seen in the majority of patients but resistance to the drug is inevitable for most patients. Sunitinib and Regorafenib have shown activity after failure of imatinib, but median time to progression is only 5-6 months and a dismal outcome after progression on regorafenib.

Recently, ripretinib has been approved for treatment of patients with GIST failing all previous lines of treatment based on the data of the INVICTUS trial. This placebo-controlled, randomized trial has shown a highly significant difference in progression-free survival and a substantial difference in overall survival for this patient group. Prof. Bauer will provide an overview of our current understanding of the mechanisms of resitance but also provide an in depth review of the INVICTUS data and his personal experience with treatment of patients.

Topic 2: Surgical advances in the management of GIST — from MIS to scarless surgery
Presenter: Prof. Shannon Melissa Chan, Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of Upper Gastrointestinal & Metabolic Surgery, Department of Surgery, CUHK

With the advancement of both laparoscopic and endoscopic technologies, the mode of surgery has progressed from the traditional open surgery to laparoscopy, to combined endolap surgery to completely endoscopic surgery. The change in the mode of surgery however, has to be in keeping with the basic surgical principles of GIST resection. In this lecture, a brief overview of the changes over the years and the latest combined endolap and pure endoscopic resection techniques and evidences would be discussed.


Theme: Adolescent & Young Adults Oncology (AYA Oncology)

Topic 1: INAUGURAL YOANNA WONG LECTURE – The Importance and Relevance of Dedicated AYA Oncology Care
Speaker: Dr. Jeremy Lewin, Australia   

Topic 2: Addressing the unique needs of AYA cancer survivors in Hong Kong: Current gaps and opportunities
Speaker: Prof. Yin-Ting Cheung, CUHK


Theme: Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumour (TGCT)

Topic 1: PVNS/TGCT – When to treat and how to treat?
Speaker : Dr. Chao-Ming Chen, Taiwan

Topic 2: Practical aspects of systemic therapies in the management of PVNS/TGCT
Speaker: Dr. Tom Wei-Wu Chen, Taiwan


Theme: Interactive Multidisciplinary Case Discussions

Topic 1: Precision sarcoma care
Speaker: Dr. Jay S. Wunder, Canada

Topic 2: NTRK-fusion sarcomas – case presentation and pathological diagnosis
Speaker: Prof. Kenneth Tou En Chang, Singapore

Topic 3: Interactive Multidisciplinary Case Discussions
Speaker: TBC

Meet Our Speakers

Dr. Tom Wei-Wu CHEN

Tom Wei-Wu Chen, MD
Attending physician
Department of Oncology
National Taiwan University Hospital
Taipei, Taiwan

Dr. Tom W. Chen is currently an attending physician at the Department of Oncology, National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) in Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Chen received internal medicine training followed by a fellowship course as a medical oncologist in NTUH. Afterwards, he joined Drug Development Program (DDP) in Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, Canada as a clinical fellow to study early phase clinical trials with Dr. Lillian Siu and Dr. Phil Bedard. During his stay in Princess Margaret, he gained more experience with next-generation sequencing and precision medicine, as well as interest in sarcoma patients.